Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's take some time off

There is a bounce in my step today. It is only 11AM and I have already accomplished much. Ahh, how good productivity feels! Once all the "to-do" items get checks, on to more soulful work: I am promising myself to paint tonight. But first to share with you my most recent:

This was a gift to my sister for Christmas. I am rather pleased with it.

I got am email from Jason with the subject line: "let's take some time off". Oh, that's music to my ears.

Time off, time off.

Only last year I had all the time off in the world. Not now. But now is better. I don't thrive under the absence of structure - the motivation to get up and shower every day and fix my hair. So, where should we go on our time off? To Mexico, you say? How about Paris? I've always wanted to backpack Central America this time of year - I hear it's lovely. Oh, right. My wallet reminds me: Must stay close. That's ok, le sigh, perhaps next year. Time off anywhere with my love is time well spent anyway, I shouldn't be greedy.

Some rather fun news I must share: I, Devon Gregory, am the new wedding consultant at Caruh! That's right! I have a pamphlet all my own that opens up with my name in bold:

Devon Gregory
Caruh Wedding Consultant

(Just in case you couldn't visualize it! ;-) )

This was my marketing idea for myself, and the boss loved it! Hoorah! My first "wedding show" is Saturday the 21st at Lululemon in University Village. Tell one and all (brides, that is)!

Well, dear friends, the next item on my "to-do" list is calling, must attend to it!