Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

I have fallen in love.
With the Colorado Rockies.

Aspen trees everywhere were in brilliant golden yellows and just beginning to turn orange. I didn't want to leave. The hillsides and valleys were dotted with streams of yellow aspens, glittering in the sun peaking though the puffy white clouds.

The wedding went wonderfully. I was gladly put to use decorating the reception "tent" and in charge of ALL the flowers: four maid-of-honor bouquets, the bridal bouquet, and the cake. I think they turned out pretty good. Given there was only one kind of flower to work with.

The cake.

The bride's bouquet.

Beautiful fall colors.

My love and me among the aspens.

Taking a drive.

Why do these trees undo me like this? (Sorry for the sideways, don't have time to fix)

Hillsides of the Rockies.

Although there were so many trees around, I was still finding moments of not breathing well at 10,000 feet. Can't imagine why...

In other news:
Jason is being whisked away to San Fransisco either in 2 hours, or 20. I can't decide if I like knowing ahead of time to prepare myself for his being gone (but also in turn somewhat have a looming feeling about it), or have it sprung upon me and within a few hours he'll be gone.

Oh, but for a small $450 I could go with. I think at this point, the company should pay, no? Besides, he's going to be gone all of next week and then my father will be here on the days we normally have to ourselves leaving us (minus a few short hours on Friday night) no real alone time until Sunday, October 12th - which is his birthday.

I am in no way blaming Jason - it is my fault too. Our schedules these days are just a little extra difficult and I'm working a lot of weekends and weeknights.

However, fall is among us, and the trees are showing off.
I think I might just go admire them a bit.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Tiddings

So, my manager at work was talking about working at Anthropology...part time. They get a 40% discount on clothes and 25% discount on home wears. Oh...danger. I could see it already: pay time comes, and they are asking me for more money as I'm spending even more than I'm making. But, if you think about it this way:

Minimum wage is what? Around $8 an hour?
Let's say I worked just a measly 4 hour shift, to start.
That's around $80 - roughly.
Let's say there's a coat, or a pair of pants, or a dress at oh, about $160.
I work one shift, buy an item.
Work another shift, buy another item.
Work 2 shifts, buy a new comforter or something...

If I just thought about it that way: Trading a shift for something to buy, well, I just might really start considering this. Plus with the holidays coming up, they could definitely use the extra hours, I'm sure. And if I go to the store downtown, I could just take the bus on Mondays and Tuesdays, which are my days off from the spa...hmm...

In other news:

Highlights from this weekend:

Umber's first show here in the Emerald City
Spending 28 hours with my friends
Noodle soup + rainy day + 4 bosom ladies
Calling in sick to take care of myself
An ENTIRE day with my hubby
Brunch and wine at Cafe Champagne
Impressionist exhibit at the SAM (um, not so impressive)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Finally I am able to breathe and my chest does not feel heavy.
Finally I am able to look at my lover
and feel nothing but over-pouring love once again.
Finally we got a quiet moment alone.

Yesterday we celebrated 2 years of marriage at the parent's cabin on Hat Island. What a much-needed escape it was. Being we were there from Sunday evening until Tuesday evening, there were not more than a handful of souls on the island, including the workers dredging the marina (what an awful, repetitive job if I must say so myself).
We walked the perimeter of the island in the warm morning sun, played golf in the shade of the afternoon trees, lounged, loved, listened to the ocean, and even saw a seal on the beach.

Lately we have been

and stressed.

Last week (yes, I haven't even checked my e-mail since then), I worked 55 hours, 6 days, split shifts and never ending days.
I think I ate dinner before 9pm once.

Why is it that those you surround yourself with because you bask in their company and love with every fiber of your being can be the ones that will drive you utterly mad?
I am not pointing any finger, either. I know I am the same way.
It just seems upside down to me.

Loved ones: I am glad you are in my life, driving me mad.
I wouldn't want it any other way.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Locks of Looming Despair

Ugh, I HATE when this happens. Why am I SO unclear as to what I want? A little darker doesn't mean black. And a little richer doesn't mean cherry red. But, I don't think I'm that unclear. I just don't think people listen.

I don't even want to post a picture of myself
for I hate it.

I went from cute little bouncy thing
to depressed goth morbid thing.

It's amazing how something so seemingly small and insignificant (and fast growing) can cause so much grief and self-loathing.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well, I was almost eaten alive last night by the biggest spider I have EVER seen. Almost. Except I have mad ninja skills. And a sprayer on my kitchen sink.

Sorry my little succulents, I'm taking a lot longer to paint this table that I thought it was going to take me. You'll have to wait a few more days outside.

So, I don't know if I've adequately conveyed how much


It is my favorite season. It is perfect in all ways. The cool change in the air draws my soul into thanksgiving beyond containment, and the low sun in the sky bids me outdoors to bask in it's rays as its days are threatening to be shorter. The trees are all dressed to their best in the most beautiful fall colors and the rich harvest from summer is at its most delicious. Every minute I spend indoors makes me antsy to be out in the most perfect season.

I am a greedy person about my time spent in the autumn

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."
-George Eliot

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Secret Life of Singleness

Inspired by Umber, who was inspired by moi in our love of list-making, this one I have been secretly waiting for Jason to travel away so that I can make this list! And today is just that day, for he's in the air as I type this. It is just as it sounds: all the quirky habits I have when alone at home with no one to spy on my except my lovable pup.

The Secret Life of Singleness
Go to be WAY early (I limit myself to 8:30 pm at the earliest)
Cook tons of veggies in ways that Jason wouldn't like
Clean my house and watch it stay clean!
Watch girly or kid movies
Read for hours before going to bed
Sometimes procrastinate on doing the dishes (shh!)
Bring all my art supplies upstairs and make a mess
Drink beer and watch silly T.V. shows (we do this together too, I guess)
Eat standing up in the kitchen
Eat a bag of popcorn for dinner
Eat meals not at meal time
Never wear make-up (unless going to work)
Make a "cave" in my bed with all the pillows
Sleep in the middle of the bed and spread every limb as far as I can
Sleep on his pillow

The things he doesn't know about me!

List addendum for today:

Things I Love
Crisp fall walks
New haircuts

Things I Do Not Love
Being chased by bees
Foggy windows in cars
Bad dreams

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New 'Do

There's nothing like a new haircut to put a little bounce in your step!

And with a little curl?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bonkers about Botany

"You might not make it home"

That statement, as alarming as it is, was uttered to me twice this week. First with my car's brake fiasco (which was fixed to the bear minimum for a pretty penny), and secondly yesterday when I took Jason's Subaru (the so-thought more reliable car we own) to the grocery store and the battery didn't start. And, since I had taken both keys to my car (why? Don't ask) Jason couldn't have come to rescue me. Thank goodness for AAA. So, I sat outside in my favorite kind of day - that crisp but still warm late-evening sun fall type of day - and waited for AAA while hoping the shrimp I just bought weren't going to go rancid.

45 minutes later: the alternator is bad. You know, I complained earlier about going into the car places and getting taken advantage of, but after all these encounters this week, that might just be changing. So, my husband being the resourceful jack-of-all-trades kinda guy he is + the wonderful internet = a fixed alternator and battery in oh...an hour. tops. amazing!

However, let me not lead you down the wrong path to thinking this day was in any way not good. In fact, it was the most perfect day and weather I could have asked for. I spent the first part of the morning cleaning and moping my house to death, which is so satisfying I can't even begin to tell you. Then I met my dear friend Candace for lunch and plant shopping in a nursery. Oh, it was so delightful! The perfect day, the perfect surroundings.

There is something about these living things we call plants that speak to my soul like nothing else does. They are little beautiful worlds unto themselves that teach me so much about life, patience, beauty, and myself.

This last one is going in my art studio on top of a cute little table I'm painting orange. Pictures will surely come later.

Adieu, my little elves. I'm off to more gardening and I think I see the blue sky coming out. Hope with me for another brilliant fall day.

"O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stained with the blood of grapes,
pass not, but sit beneath my shady roof; there thou may'st rest,
And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe;
And all the daughters of the year shall dance!
Sing now the lusty song of fruit and flowers."
-William Blake.