Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Tiddings

So, my manager at work was talking about working at Anthropology...part time. They get a 40% discount on clothes and 25% discount on home wears. Oh...danger. I could see it already: pay time comes, and they are asking me for more money as I'm spending even more than I'm making. But, if you think about it this way:

Minimum wage is what? Around $8 an hour?
Let's say I worked just a measly 4 hour shift, to start.
That's around $80 - roughly.
Let's say there's a coat, or a pair of pants, or a dress at oh, about $160.
I work one shift, buy an item.
Work another shift, buy another item.
Work 2 shifts, buy a new comforter or something...

If I just thought about it that way: Trading a shift for something to buy, well, I just might really start considering this. Plus with the holidays coming up, they could definitely use the extra hours, I'm sure. And if I go to the store downtown, I could just take the bus on Mondays and Tuesdays, which are my days off from the spa...hmm...

In other news:

Highlights from this weekend:

Umber's first show here in the Emerald City
Spending 28 hours with my friends
Noodle soup + rainy day + 4 bosom ladies
Calling in sick to take care of myself
An ENTIRE day with my hubby
Brunch and wine at Cafe Champagne
Impressionist exhibit at the SAM (um, not so impressive)


BC said...

I love you sweetie, but I think your math is a little off. Let's take that $160 item.

$160 item @ 40% discount = $96

$96 divided by $8/hr = 12 hours.

12 hrs / 4 hr shifts = 3 shifts.

Still not bad, but if you are only working three times a week, that is only one item per week. I do like the thought though. Perhaps I need to look into pulling some part time shifts at REI!

Devon said...

Way to rain on my parade, Bradley.

F*** you and your math.

BOO! :)

mme. bookling said...

hilarious brad.

love it.
YAY for brunch at Cafe Campagne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i liked the impressionist exhibit, missy!

Devon said...

Well, only a year ago I saw all the art (and the real, ginormous Water lilies) at the MOMA. So, this one was...ok. I didn't really appreciate the "comparison" pieces they had out next to them all. It made me think they just couldn't secure enough from the impressionists.

Also, while some could argue otherwise, they had absolutely NO Van Gogh. Which I was disappointed about.

All in all, I'm glad you liked it. I just wasn't feeling it then.