Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

I have fallen in love.
With the Colorado Rockies.

Aspen trees everywhere were in brilliant golden yellows and just beginning to turn orange. I didn't want to leave. The hillsides and valleys were dotted with streams of yellow aspens, glittering in the sun peaking though the puffy white clouds.

The wedding went wonderfully. I was gladly put to use decorating the reception "tent" and in charge of ALL the flowers: four maid-of-honor bouquets, the bridal bouquet, and the cake. I think they turned out pretty good. Given there was only one kind of flower to work with.

The cake.

The bride's bouquet.

Beautiful fall colors.

My love and me among the aspens.

Taking a drive.

Why do these trees undo me like this? (Sorry for the sideways, don't have time to fix)

Hillsides of the Rockies.

Although there were so many trees around, I was still finding moments of not breathing well at 10,000 feet. Can't imagine why...

In other news:
Jason is being whisked away to San Fransisco either in 2 hours, or 20. I can't decide if I like knowing ahead of time to prepare myself for his being gone (but also in turn somewhat have a looming feeling about it), or have it sprung upon me and within a few hours he'll be gone.

Oh, but for a small $450 I could go with. I think at this point, the company should pay, no? Besides, he's going to be gone all of next week and then my father will be here on the days we normally have to ourselves leaving us (minus a few short hours on Friday night) no real alone time until Sunday, October 12th - which is his birthday.

I am in no way blaming Jason - it is my fault too. Our schedules these days are just a little extra difficult and I'm working a lot of weekends and weeknights.

However, fall is among us, and the trees are showing off.
I think I might just go admire them a bit.

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UmberDove said...

Mmn, Fall.

The change is coming, I love it too. I am so glad that you went out for the wedding, your pictures are gorgeous!