Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Secret Life of Singleness

Inspired by Umber, who was inspired by moi in our love of list-making, this one I have been secretly waiting for Jason to travel away so that I can make this list! And today is just that day, for he's in the air as I type this. It is just as it sounds: all the quirky habits I have when alone at home with no one to spy on my except my lovable pup.

The Secret Life of Singleness
Go to be WAY early (I limit myself to 8:30 pm at the earliest)
Cook tons of veggies in ways that Jason wouldn't like
Clean my house and watch it stay clean!
Watch girly or kid movies
Read for hours before going to bed
Sometimes procrastinate on doing the dishes (shh!)
Bring all my art supplies upstairs and make a mess
Drink beer and watch silly T.V. shows (we do this together too, I guess)
Eat standing up in the kitchen
Eat a bag of popcorn for dinner
Eat meals not at meal time
Never wear make-up (unless going to work)
Make a "cave" in my bed with all the pillows
Sleep in the middle of the bed and spread every limb as far as I can
Sleep on his pillow

The things he doesn't know about me!

List addendum for today:

Things I Love
Crisp fall walks
New haircuts

Things I Do Not Love
Being chased by bees
Foggy windows in cars
Bad dreams


mme. bookling said...

Well I guess the cat's out of the bag. This reminds me of a Sex in the City episode - "Secret Single Behaviors" wherein Charlotte studies her pores in a hugeific mirror for hours on end. :)

Devon said...

Ohhhh!!!I forgot that one. dran!