Saturday, August 30, 2008

Le End of Ze World

while reading Mme.'s blog of Le Countdown, the thing that kept coming to mind was this video. Hope you enjoy it on this weekend day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cindy*, you've served me well.

Well, the time has come at last. My faithful little car has given up on me. I have been feeding it brake and clutch fluid to try and keep her alive, but alas all her ailments have proven to overcome.

She didn't exactly die I should clarify. Yet. Upon taking her to the doctor this morning, the prognosis was grim (on my pocket book). She has been whining and screeching for a few weeks now and to relieve her cries it will only cost me a mere $750!! My front brake pads and rotors are shot, plus the back ones aren't going to last much longer either. I was warned not to drive more than 150 miles lest I go to step on my brakes, and oops - not working anymore! Flashes of coming upon rush hour and needing to slam on my brakes when they decide now would be the most appropriate time to give out...pessimist? moi?

So, I am now looking for a car. I hate car things. Just like changing the oil - everything is so expensive and I feel b/c I'm a cute girl that obviously doesn't know anything about them that I am wearing a huge sign that says:

Please take advantage of me!
I am impressed by your use of big vocabulary words that I don't know anything about and will happily give you the better part of this year's income to save my life!

No, I'm not impressed. In fact, I go into every car type place with my eyes shifty and my jaw clenched. "You just try to weasel me into paying more than I should, and watch out! I'll have hell to reign down on you!!"
I think I've actually frightened some men quite well.

And you know the thing that really makes me upset? I live too far away to ride the bus or my bike, which I would have loved to been doing all this time anyways.

Oh, bother. You mean to tell me the universe isn't aligning with me to make my life one easy, nice cake walk? Well, the least that could happen is I get a cute car.

Wouldn't I look just cute as a button in this? Yes, I know I would too. I guess I better start playing the lottery, first just so I can afford to have my brakes done!

*My car's name is Cindy, because she is the exact color of Cindy Crawford's red lipstick.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Suzzie Homemaker

Flower of the day: Crocosmia

Aren't they lovely? I can't get over their color. They just popped up in my garden this year - I'm sure they must have been there last year too, but I they just didn't capture my eye like they did this year.

The yummy peach and blueberry cobblers I made

The starting of my watercolor on the blocks I got for my birthday from my dear friends.

Well, it's off to make Smoked Salmon crepes for mom-in-law and hubby. Yum, can't wait!

List addendum for today:

Things I Love:
Crisp fall walks
The smell of baking things - especially with cinnamon

Things I Do Not Love:
Dog poop
Animal Shelters (I cry every time!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy little bee is me

Is it really only 10am when I am writing this? I love how much I get done when I wake up early. This morning, the blustery wind outside made it easy to wake up when Jason's alarm went off at yawn 6:30. So, so far, I have:

done laundry and folded it and put it away
cut out recipes from my magazines to add to my recipe book
gone through the mail
paid some bills
planned the next two nights meals plus my grocery list
prepared some branches to go up on my wall
had play/snuggle time with Harley
I love days off in the middle of the week! I feel so accomplished by noon! However, these will be changing soon as I'm drum roll, please...I'm starting in the spa! Yes, that's right, friends. Come one, come all to have facials and waxing from your's truly. I am very excited about this. For one, not even a week after I started my training at the spa in which I was currently working, the other illusive spa that hired me back in January - that's right, it's almost September now. Count 'em: 9 long months - just dissolved. poof! Like it never existed.

Anywho (is that one word?), I'm not working today so why are we talking about it? I'm off from here to: go to the gym (given my motivation continues), return a movie, go to the grocery store (one of my favorite things), drop off some clothes at Goodwill, and perhaps find myself at a craft store. Then to come home and bake some peach cobblers, crepes for dinner, and whatever I can get my greedy little oven mits on!

Tata, and may this Wednesday be productive for you as well!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'll have them all, please!

More summer rain, shorter days, and cooler weather makes my soul claw at my insides for fall. My most favorite season. The colors, the pumpkins, the warm hearty meals after light summer salads, the leaves, but you can't forget: the clothes! Inspired by my dear friends' blog, here is a visual list of fall wishes:

Isn't it made just for me?

I think these might fit perfectly over the perfect pair of skinny jeans.

And this is so cute and feminine - it will look great with my current tan.

Who's that girl in the cute top? Oh, it's me! It's me!

And the ever-continuing hunt for the perfect bag:

This one is cute, but maybe a little too plain

This one also very cute, but perhaps too business-y, don't you think?

I'm starting to notice a theme: LARGE!

This is actually my favorite so far - adorable, no?
And lastly and perhaps leastly - I tried to diverge from the above theme, but I think it's calling me too loudly!

Well, happy fall shopping to you all! Tis the coziest and cuddliest time to shop! Especially with a warm drink in hand and scarf on neck.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bon Voyage, Niki!

Last night/yesterday was one of those days that the cosmos aligned and 5 friends spontaneously had an amazing time - on a Wednesday! Well, it wasn't entirely spontaneous as we planned a good-bye lunch for dear Niki who left this morning for New York. What a sad day it was. So the rest of us drank! I love the random luncheon that turned into 9 hours of girl time, shots of tequila, buying bright orange pants, getting caught in a wind storm, Thai food, and good conversations.

Niki - we will miss you. But you are only far in distance. Nothing can separate your dearness to our hearts.

Well, I'm off after work to spend a day and few nights at the cabin with my beloved. A much needed retreat away for us both, I think. I'm kind of glad in a way that the weather is supposed to be gloomy. Nothing like cuddling up watching the rain on the ocean in a warm snuggly blanket. Me thinks some watercolors will be in tall order...wonder what the gloom will bring out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life of a dog

My Harley - currently sitting in the window watching all the passers-by and dutifully guarding his mum - has a life, I tell you. Here is what his day looks like:

1. wake up with mom and go out to the bathroom
2. stretch and roll and grumble on the carpet in the sun
3. check out the house, make sure it's the same from last night
4. Play ball in the back yard. Poop.
5. Sit under any table mom or dad is sitting at while head is resting in lap, getting pet
6. Sleep
7. Play with toy
8. Go to the dog park, where we: play with ball, play with other dogs, sniff a lot of strange smells, go for a walk, explore the forests, get utterly tired and hot but be too picky to drink out of the water bowls that other dogs have drooled in, poop A LOT
9. Come home and sleep
10. Bark at people passing by. Or neighbors. Go bananas at spotting a squirrel.
11. Eat dinner
12. Drink a crap-load of water
13. beg for food while mom and dad make and eat dinner
14. poop some more
15. eat a bone and/or play with a toy
16. Sleep
17. Dream about chasing said squirrels in yard and wake mom and dad up doing so
18. wake mom and dad up to go to the bathroom.

Oh, to be a dog and the happiest thing I know.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Art Spaces

I love cleansing summer rain. There's something about it that quiets my soul and reminds me that soon (oh, too soon) I will be crawling into hibernation once again.

Don't you love this space? It was my wonderful birthday present from my dear hubby. He knows me all too well, doesn't he? I have already made time have wings sitting here. I love the way the light comes in and I can see the clouds peeking out from the grass eye-level that I have. I feel so cozy and hidden in my little cave. And the best part about it is that during the hot dog days of summer, this room is a cool refuge for both persons and canines alike.

In other news: my teeth are healthy and clean. I love going to the dentist. I know most people would gawk at this statement but I absolutley love the clean tatar-free feeling. And for some reason those chairs are so comfortable, I think I could fall asleep in them every time if it weren't for the I think I would rather have one of those in my living room instead of a lazy boy, wouldn't you?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today is another brilliant day in Seattle's summer. This week has been lovely (and will hopefully continue to tomorrow) because...tomorrow is my birthday! God knows that this California girl needs her sunshine. Especially on her birthday! I woke up this morning giddy like I was 5 on Christmas morning, and I know I will wake up extra early tomorrow with the same butterflies. I turn into a little girl on birthdays.

However, I will be up a little late tonight picking up my hubby at the airport from his whirlwind trip to the east coast. I enjoy when he travels for this one reason: My house gets clean and stays that way! I spent the better part of yesterday scrubbing my rabbit hole from top to bottom and organizing the heck out of our bedroom. feels so nice. Hopefully today is another list-checking-off day for tomorrow I