Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy little bee is me

Is it really only 10am when I am writing this? I love how much I get done when I wake up early. This morning, the blustery wind outside made it easy to wake up when Jason's alarm went off at yawn 6:30. So, so far, I have:

done laundry and folded it and put it away
cut out recipes from my magazines to add to my recipe book
gone through the mail
paid some bills
planned the next two nights meals plus my grocery list
prepared some branches to go up on my wall
had play/snuggle time with Harley
I love days off in the middle of the week! I feel so accomplished by noon! However, these will be changing soon as I'm drum roll, please...I'm starting in the spa! Yes, that's right, friends. Come one, come all to have facials and waxing from your's truly. I am very excited about this. For one, not even a week after I started my training at the spa in which I was currently working, the other illusive spa that hired me back in January - that's right, it's almost September now. Count 'em: 9 long months - just dissolved. poof! Like it never existed.

Anywho (is that one word?), I'm not working today so why are we talking about it? I'm off from here to: go to the gym (given my motivation continues), return a movie, go to the grocery store (one of my favorite things), drop off some clothes at Goodwill, and perhaps find myself at a craft store. Then to come home and bake some peach cobblers, crepes for dinner, and whatever I can get my greedy little oven mits on!

Tata, and may this Wednesday be productive for you as well!

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mme. bookling said...

congrats on going with your intuition on that spa! man...what a joke.

i hope to book a facial as soon as the green like is on for you to be in the spa! let me know!

i love being home and productive...and man, you are such a great housewife.