Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life of a dog

My Harley - currently sitting in the window watching all the passers-by and dutifully guarding his mum - has a life, I tell you. Here is what his day looks like:

1. wake up with mom and go out to the bathroom
2. stretch and roll and grumble on the carpet in the sun
3. check out the house, make sure it's the same from last night
4. Play ball in the back yard. Poop.
5. Sit under any table mom or dad is sitting at while head is resting in lap, getting pet
6. Sleep
7. Play with toy
8. Go to the dog park, where we: play with ball, play with other dogs, sniff a lot of strange smells, go for a walk, explore the forests, get utterly tired and hot but be too picky to drink out of the water bowls that other dogs have drooled in, poop A LOT
9. Come home and sleep
10. Bark at people passing by. Or neighbors. Go bananas at spotting a squirrel.
11. Eat dinner
12. Drink a crap-load of water
13. beg for food while mom and dad make and eat dinner
14. poop some more
15. eat a bone and/or play with a toy
16. Sleep
17. Dream about chasing said squirrels in yard and wake mom and dad up doing so
18. wake mom and dad up to go to the bathroom.

Oh, to be a dog and the happiest thing I know.

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mme. bookling said...

how i dream for such leisure.