Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'll have them all, please!

More summer rain, shorter days, and cooler weather makes my soul claw at my insides for fall. My most favorite season. The colors, the pumpkins, the warm hearty meals after light summer salads, the leaves, but you can't forget: the clothes! Inspired by my dear friends' blog, here is a visual list of fall wishes:

Isn't it made just for me?

I think these might fit perfectly over the perfect pair of skinny jeans.

And this is so cute and feminine - it will look great with my current tan.

Who's that girl in the cute top? Oh, it's me! It's me!

And the ever-continuing hunt for the perfect bag:

This one is cute, but maybe a little too plain

This one also very cute, but perhaps too business-y, don't you think?

I'm starting to notice a theme: LARGE!

This is actually my favorite so far - adorable, no?
And lastly and perhaps leastly - I tried to diverge from the above theme, but I think it's calling me too loudly!

Well, happy fall shopping to you all! Tis the coziest and cuddliest time to shop! Especially with a warm drink in hand and scarf on neck.


UmberDove said...

oh, I like those brown boots! where did you find them?

Devon said...

Anthropologie, of course! After searching far and wide, I noticed that all the items I posted were from there. Except for the bags. Tragic, I know...well, only to my pocket book!

mme. bookling said...

oh goodness, i totally MISSED this post, what a silly girl i am. (i rely on my blog roll to update me, and i must have been amiss that day).

i love, but love that coat and boots.

yay for the new bag purchase. can't wait to see it.