Monday, August 18, 2008

Art Spaces

I love cleansing summer rain. There's something about it that quiets my soul and reminds me that soon (oh, too soon) I will be crawling into hibernation once again.

Don't you love this space? It was my wonderful birthday present from my dear hubby. He knows me all too well, doesn't he? I have already made time have wings sitting here. I love the way the light comes in and I can see the clouds peeking out from the grass eye-level that I have. I feel so cozy and hidden in my little cave. And the best part about it is that during the hot dog days of summer, this room is a cool refuge for both persons and canines alike.

In other news: my teeth are healthy and clean. I love going to the dentist. I know most people would gawk at this statement but I absolutley love the clean tatar-free feeling. And for some reason those chairs are so comfortable, I think I could fall asleep in them every time if it weren't for the I think I would rather have one of those in my living room instead of a lazy boy, wouldn't you?


mme. bookling said...

it's such a gorgeous space.

i can't wait to see it...and then promptly kick you out and move in.

UmberDove said...

I have good envy. I KNOW that space will be the birthing room for so many amazing pieces, a safe haven for ideas, and a fearless place to dream in.

You deserve that space you know, you art demands it.