Friday, August 29, 2008

Cindy*, you've served me well.

Well, the time has come at last. My faithful little car has given up on me. I have been feeding it brake and clutch fluid to try and keep her alive, but alas all her ailments have proven to overcome.

She didn't exactly die I should clarify. Yet. Upon taking her to the doctor this morning, the prognosis was grim (on my pocket book). She has been whining and screeching for a few weeks now and to relieve her cries it will only cost me a mere $750!! My front brake pads and rotors are shot, plus the back ones aren't going to last much longer either. I was warned not to drive more than 150 miles lest I go to step on my brakes, and oops - not working anymore! Flashes of coming upon rush hour and needing to slam on my brakes when they decide now would be the most appropriate time to give out...pessimist? moi?

So, I am now looking for a car. I hate car things. Just like changing the oil - everything is so expensive and I feel b/c I'm a cute girl that obviously doesn't know anything about them that I am wearing a huge sign that says:

Please take advantage of me!
I am impressed by your use of big vocabulary words that I don't know anything about and will happily give you the better part of this year's income to save my life!

No, I'm not impressed. In fact, I go into every car type place with my eyes shifty and my jaw clenched. "You just try to weasel me into paying more than I should, and watch out! I'll have hell to reign down on you!!"
I think I've actually frightened some men quite well.

And you know the thing that really makes me upset? I live too far away to ride the bus or my bike, which I would have loved to been doing all this time anyways.

Oh, bother. You mean to tell me the universe isn't aligning with me to make my life one easy, nice cake walk? Well, the least that could happen is I get a cute car.

Wouldn't I look just cute as a button in this? Yes, I know I would too. I guess I better start playing the lottery, first just so I can afford to have my brakes done!

*My car's name is Cindy, because she is the exact color of Cindy Crawford's red lipstick.

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BC said...

You totally need a Mini Cooper! I would be jealous for sure. ;)